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Other Activities & Services

In addition to our courses and programs, we also offer a number of activities and social groups for a wide range of interests and age groups.

Social Groups, Community Activities & Events
Knitting Group

A friendly knitting and handcraft group meets socially on Monday afternoons (weekly).

Community Morning Teas

Have fun as  you join with others to connect, chat as you share in a delicious morning tea. 


VSNH will be holding a variety of community events to connect our community and support local small businesses through our fundraising effort. 

Walking Group

We’re carving up the streets and need your help! Join us for a fun and friendly time!

Community Lunches

We are very pleased to offer monthly Community Lunches at Vermont South Neighbourhood House

Social Groups
Artist Workshop
Other Activities & Services
St. Andrews Greek Playgroup

For further information please contact:


0412 958 300

Stembirds - Coding & Robotics for Kids

For further information please contact:


0469 084 649

The Math Prospector - Tutoring

For further information please contact:


0477 557 656

Pilates Class

For further information please contact:


0410 404 419

Tatkaar Kathak School
Indian Dancing

For further information please contact:


0450 228 954

Other Activitie & Services
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